Private Sale & Pre-sale

To get the most response and hype for our project we will be holding AMAs with some of the best crypto groups on Telegram and Discord. These AMAs will be video as well as doing screen shares to demo our marketing platform. We will also work with YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter influencers to help gain some hype. Over and above these we will immediately use the following methods to market this project:

Direct messaging of Telegram users

Shilling in group

Twitter shilling

PooCoin ads

CoinZilla ads

Telegram crypto call groups

PR article pushes

Use of our platform

Our goal is to hire five to seven full-time marketing employees to shill daily.

Depending on the pre-sale dates and launch date we will be using our marketing platform to advertise our token sale and launch. The goal will be to partner with a couple of larger Telegram groups that will allow us to use our system in their group to run ads.

We think hands-on and live examples of our platform running will gain an influx of investors.

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