Pre-sale Platform

Our pre-sale launchpad will allow users to create a token from numerous templates, host a pre-sale in true launchpad format, lock liquidity and wallets in multiple formats, and launch the token on finalizing the pre-sale to an exchange of their choice.

At launch, we will be focusing on the simple feature of creating a presale, locking liquidity, and launching the token on Pancake swap.

We have done an in-depth analysis of the competition and have designed this platform to be the superior choice for projects to launch on as well as benefit the holder of our token.

Apollo Holders - Staking & Whitelist

This presale platform will include the NFT & Token staking system to earn the revenue rewards and token tax portion ( for NFT ).

Token Staking

In order to receive the 4% revenue share from the platform tokens must be staked. The payout will be random as the smart contract will fill at different times in the month based on revenue and trigger the distribution. Once this has been triggered a snapshot will be taken and read the staked wallets to verify if the tokens have been staked for the previous 7 days. If so. The holder qualifies for the rewards and BUSD will be available to claim from the dashboard.

NFT Staking ( 5000 Collection )

As above, NFTs must be staked in order to collect and claim the 1% of token tax and 1% of revenue.

The VIP Exclusive collection for the 5% revenue works the same way and must be staked.

Whitelist Spots

We want to reward our holders with whitelist spots for the hottest presales. The number of whitelist spots awarded will work along with the staking portion listed above and will be based on both NFTs owned and the value of tokens staked. We will have a tier system in place and reward pots based on that. For example 1 BNB Value + 1 NFT = X Spots. 2BNB Value + 2NFTs = XX Spots.

These awarded spots are only good to use for 30 days.

From the dashboard, holders will be able to see the number of spots they can use as well as the full list of presales with whitelist spots available. The number of spots available for a presale will be based on the HC of the project and done dynamically and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.


The cost to create a presale on the platform is the following

0.5BNB setup fee

2% of the BNB raised

Pre Purchase Marketing

WIth our direct connection to our Crypto Marketplace we will offer projects to prepay for marketing options from the proceeds of the presale. This allows projects to select vetted marketing options that will truly help their project grow as well as show their communities they have marketing paid for and ready to go.

Multiple packages and options will be made available to projects on the creation of a presale. This will include AMA tours, Twitter posts, Telegram posts with some of the best crypto influencers. We will also give the option of adding credits to the Marketplace as well as Ads Platform.

We will allow up to 50% of the creator retained BNB amount to be spent on marketing.

Upon finalizing the presale the funds will be sent to the appropriate marketing options and notifications sent to the influencer groups to arrange bookings for the marketing.

Instant KYC

Our direct integration with a KYC partner will allow on-site KYC within 60 seconds. This includes facial scan, document upload, ID verification, Likeness test of face scan to ID. All of this data will be uploaded to our platform.

As the team of Apollo is doxxed we take our investor's investments seriously and will 100% not hesitate to release project creators' information publically on our social platforms as well as to local law enforcement.

We give the added option for projects to upgrade their listing and purchase featured and banner spots on the Apollo Presale platform easily during presale creation. These promotions run for the length of the presale giving the added exposure of the project.

Social Share Voting

We want projects to get the most exposure possible and have integrated a social share voting system to ensure that happens. The more votes a project gets the higher it will list on the platform trending section. We give 2 voting options. Simple click votes count for 1 vote but our Twitter share function counts as 3 points and Tweets about the project with hashtags, image, and links back to the presale listing. This is done through the voter's personal Twitter account.

AI Auditing

With our age of technology we will be partnering with not only manual auditors but offering a lighter but thorough AI audit which will scan for flaws and common scam conditions in the contract. Every project that launches will be scanned and rated with reports to read.

After Launch Listing

Other presale platforms stick with the project until they launch. We want to help the project grow even after launch. Once the presale has been finalized we will automatically list projects in our launched section. This will continue the rankings for votes, most visited, as well as replace the presale information with live project info.

This will include

  • Full Chart

  • Buy / Sell History

  • Data points including market cap, price change ( 24h, 7day )

  • Social data like telegram member and Twitter follower counts

  • Direct integration with pancake swap to allow trading directly on Apollo

  • Premium placement for KYC / Audited projects

Paid upgrades for promoted spots and banners will be available

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